One of the main activities is the provision of various types of construction services on the basis of modern management principles that enable rapid response to changing conditions and requirements of the construction market.

Regions of our activity: the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Russia, the European Union.

Flexible system of organization of construction process, adopted in our company and combined with the other two pillars (real estate and recruitment), allows effective and fully respond to any queries of our customers.

In capital construction, it is a vicious cycle of execution of work on new residential or nonresidential facilities appointment as a general contractor. We also perform separately certain types of work, such as: concrete, stone, installation, carpentry, roofing, tile, finishing and facade, as well as underground utilities and site improvement, as subcontractor.

In the reconstruction or renovation, it is the realization of architect or designer's intentions and decisions; reorganization of the old and non-commercial buildings, residential or nonresidential real estate from bringing it into the exploited species and regime.

Repairing the apartment, cottage, or apartment buildings, offices, retail or warehouse.

Business and individuals, along with the above, we offer ourselves as a reliable partner for the technical supervision of construction work performed by other contractors, to organize the design of future facilities.

The key to our success is of course our people: professionals and skilled workers with professional skills and extensive experience in the high requirements of European standards.

We are registered in the Register of Commercial Activities under the laws of the ER and have license construction management, construction and engineering supervision.

Please contact us - and we will help you to successfully implement your plans!

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